Planning to lease or sell your property ? ๐Ÿ 

Planning to lease or sell your property ? ๐Ÿ 

Investing with your property is indeed a profitable business. If you are planning to lease or sell your property you should be prepare in the following situations:

1. Looking for Tenant or Buyer.

The most complicated part in Leasing out or Selling your Property is, you will be too busy in advertising your property, receiving inquiries, tenant or buyer screening & application approval. It really stretch out lot of time ,does your time can handle those things? If yes, you can lease or sell your property on your own. Else, you can simply hire someone who can do these things for you.

2. Repair & Maintenance.
Before selling property or leasing the property it is much easier to fix the house before the buyer or tenant move in the house.

2. Legal Concern.
You need to provide a contract for the tenant including the agreements and reminder or notices during the stay of the tenant. So that if the tenant forgot to pay the monthly rent, you can evict the tenant legally by showing them the contract they signed.

4. Tenant Relationship.
This would be the most common thing to encounter. Are you able to attend your tenants concern? How about collecting their unpaid dues? Gladly if you hire Property Management company they will be the one collecting the rent and remind the tenants dues. It will be their task to correlate everything to the tenant

81 Property Management is here to help you to lease or sell your property. We also offer Free Online Marketing & Free Tenant Search

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